All Shipping and Handling costs are incorporated into the Biomat, Ultrastream and Alkal-Life prices.Shipping

Biomat and Alkal-Life
Because our products ship from Hawaii, shipping and handling costs, along with the purchase price of the products, are subject to fluctuations in the Australian dollar. By incorporating shipping and handling costs into the quoted price Springvale Health can ensure you buy your product at the best available price. We regularly check the $AUS/$USA conversion rates and adjust the prices accordingly.

Dispatch of products is generally within 48 hours of the order being received and delivery is generally 10-15 working days after receipt of the order. Due to time zone differences shipping is usually done on Wednesday to Friday. If your order falls outside this period it will be shipped on the next available day.

The Ultrastream is shipped directly from the source here in beautiful Byron Bay. Once your order is received, delivery will generally be within 2-4 days on the East Coast and 7 days on the West Coast. Your purchase is in Australian dollars, so you are only paying for the product without exchange rates and without fluctuations in the price if the $AUS changes against the $US.

Note: Please note that some items shipped from overseas may attract duties or customs fees, can not be calculated in advance and therefore are not included in any quotes. These additional costs will be borne by the purchaser.

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