We have some great gifts for you when you purchase any of the Biomats, Alkaway Ultrastream or the Alkal-Life 7000sl from this site.

gold sauna blanket

To help you benefit by keeping in that healing heat we will send you a gold sauna blanket with every Biomat purchase. The gold sauna blanket is most beneficial when used on the high settings for a good sweat session.

You will also receive a copy of Springvale Healths Biomat user manual and an e-book by Dr Nobihuru Yoshimizu M.D. Ph.d entitled The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees which investigates the use of hypothermia (thermotherapy) as a fourth and safer alternative to standard cancer treatments alongside chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The book includes trial and research results carried out by Dr Yoshimizu and his peers. Fourth Treatment

As a special thank you to all our Biomat, Alkaway Ultrastream and Alkal-Life customers we would also like to offer you a beautiful Amethyst healing chrystal. The Amethyst heart (approx 40-80mm) can be obtained by entering the code "bioheart" in the "Enter your Coupon" box in the checkout. Please note these gifts are only available on purchase of one of the Biomat range, the Alkal-Life 7000sl or the Alkaway Ultrastream (not available for pillows, covers, replacement cartridges etc).   Size may vary depending on availability.                                                 amethyst heart

We would love you to spread the word about our wonderful Biomats, Alkal-Life 7000sl and Alkaway Ultrastream products. As a thank you, if you refer anyone to our online shop and Gift Boxthey decide to purchase a Biomat or the Alkal-Life 7000sl, send us an email to let us know and we will send you a special gift once the order has been confirmed.


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